This question came up as we were running our golfing theme this week, and prompted much discussion, who had a shoe bag (or 10), why you would need a shoe bag and when you would use a shoe bag? And so another blog post was born.

Why do you need a shoe bag?

Predictably, your shoe bag is for your shoes. Taking many different forms, a simple cotton (or in our case tartan), drawstring bag to carry or store your shoes in to a padded shoe bag for travel, complete with extra compartments, zip and carrying handle. The latter will ensure your high quality leather shoes or tartan brogues don't emerge from your suitcase mis-shapen or creased, and both will guarantee they escape being smeared in a little toothpaste that exploded en route.

With our current golf theme a shoe bag makes sense, so your kit bag or the boot of your car doesn't get covered in grass or mud from the course, or the spikes don't damage or scratch anything they come into contact with. If you only need to change your shoes at the clubhouse you can avoid taking your kit bag, have your golf shoes in a handy shoe bag making them easy to carry or loop onto your golf bag, ensuring you don't forget them like my father-in-law has a tendency to do. Fortunately we embroidered his initials on there so at least the bag is easily identified when he does!

If you aren't a golfer and are still wondering why you need a shoe bag, think back to when you last attended a business meeting or black tie dinner and had to put your shoes in beside your favourite shirt or jacket with who knows what stuck to the soles. Pop them in your shoe bag, save them from scratches and leaks, and keep everything else in your bag clean and fresh.

Shoe bag features

If you have bought an expensive pair of leather shoes lately you maybe received a cotton shoe bag to keep them in. We make ours a little special by firstly allowing you to choose your tartan. With over 500 Scottish tartans there is plenty of choice and you can always choose a tweed if you prefer. We use a lightweight wool woven in Scotland so you can be assured of the quality and authenticity. For golfers we suggest selecting the waterproof lining, whereas for dress shoes we use a simple polyester lining, and you can choose a colour to suit your tartan or the character of the recipient.

Convinced you need a shoe bag? Or some tartan brogues to go in it? Head on over to the website to peruse the options available and please send us some pics of your favourite shoes and their trusty bag so we can share the shoe bag love.