Wool from Scotland

So why is wool the king of winter warmers and just what you should reach for now there is a chill in the air? And even when there is not. We use the very finest wools to make almost all of our fabrics, garments and accessories and we love the stuff. Here are 4 reasons why you should too:

1. Wool can regulate your body temperature by drawing moisture away from your body, making you warm and toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. Unlike synthetic wool, natural wool is lightweight ensuring you don't over-heat. 2. Wool is eco-friendly. You are what you wear! Wool is natural and sustainable as it is a by-product from sheep. Making it a renewable source for textiles and 100% biodegradable. Meaning you can wear our natural wool products without concern. 3. Due to its unique protein properties wool is hypo-allergenic, odour-absorbent and anti-bacterial. Wool is truly the gentlest thing to have next to your skin. 4. Think of your wool garment or accessory as an investment purchase because with a little bit of TLC our high-quality wool products can last up to a decade or maybe even two. All of our products come with detailed care information to help you along with information on our website in case you lose the care labels. Thank you to our favourite local knitwear design house Eribé for reminding us why we love wool designed and manufactured in Scotland so so much!