How to tie your Tartan Self Tie Bow Tie

It's really not that difficult!

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Use our easy guide to learn to tie your tartan self tie bow tie.

  1. Wrap your tartan bow tie around your neck and under your collar, then extend the right end about 1.5 inches or 3.8cm lower than the left end.
  2. Cross the right end over the left end, while keeping your tartan bow tie snug against your neck.
  3. Lift the right end up through the loop, forming a loose knot.
  4. Now double the left end of your tartan bow tie over itself to make a loop. This will form the front loop of your finished tie.
  5. Loop the right side of your tie over the front of the bow.
  6. Double the right end the same way as you did the other side and pass it through the loop behind the tie. Remember to keep hold of everything when doing this, so nothing goes out of place.
  7. Now straighten your bow tie to the centre, adjusting it if needed by pulling at the ends.

Nothing is smarter than a tartan self tie bow tie in wool or silk and we want you to look your best.  If you need any further help please contact us.

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