We are forever receiving pictures from our happy customers showcasing their beautiful tartans, so we thought we'd share them with you, and what better way to kick of wedding season than with the wedding version of customer stories. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for your big day!
customer story weddings This French couple are fully kitted out in the Sinclair Hunting Weathered Tartan for their special day. They have the Fly Plaid, Tartan Waistcoat, Kilt and wedding dress bodice in the tartan. The socks are my favourite element and work so well with the outfit! customer story wedding The happy couple wearing Forbes Ancient Silk. Eleanor is one of our very regular customers and has ordered lots of Forbes products from us over the years. customer story weddingcustomer story wedding Here's Jonny rocking his Davidson Clan Modern Waistcoat with a Horseshoe Neck. The straight cut bottom on this waistcoat style works really well with a kilt showing off the kilt belt and buckle beautifully. customer story wedding Back in 2016 Sherryanne ordered 10 different Tartan Bolero Jackets so that her bridesmaids and family members could all show off their own tartan on the big day. The Bolero jackets were made in MacMillan Hunting Ancient, Douglas Ancient, Robertson Hunting Ancient, All Ireland Blue, Duncan Ancient, Wallace Hunting Ancient and Leathernecks US Marine Corps Modern. Sherryanne fell so in love with tartan she even had a Kate Coat and a Waistcoat made in the MacMillan Hunting Ancient as well! customer story weddingcustomer story weddingcustomer story wedding Leia and her husband wore a matching Tartan Stole and Waistcoat in the Morrison Red Modern tartan, while also ordering the same products in the Irvine Ancient tartan and the Scotland Forever tartan for the in laws to wear, working the tartan clashing trend to its utmost and to magnificient effect! customer story wedding
Hopefully these pictures from customers will give you some ideas about how you can incorporate tartan or tweed into your wedding, whether its with a bright Bolero Jacket or even a Tartan Waistcoat matched with a black suit for a pop of colour. If you're still stumped for ideas, why not check out our wedding inspiration page which is full of products that will be perfect for your big day!