Our How to Tie your Tartan Tie blog post series aims to give you useful hints and tips to show your tartan tie off to it's full potential! This week we discuss The Four In Hand Knot, the all-time classic of the tie knots.

The Four In Hand Knot

The four in hand knot is today's most popular tie knot and has become a menswear staple. It ticks all the boxes as it's very easy to tie as well as being both stylish and comfortable. Weathered-Tartan-Tie The knot works really well if you have a shorter neck, as it is quite narrow and elongated, which helps to stretch the perceived height of the neck.

The origins of the four in hand knot

The four in hand knot takes its name from the four horse carriage. The knot is tied in such a way that it resembles a knot used by the carriage driver to keep the reins of all four horses in hand. The-Four-In-Hand-Club In the 1800's there were a number of Gentleman's clubs in London, The notorious Earl of Barrymore attended the Four in Hand Club. The young gentlemen would bribe coachmen to let them to take the reins of coaches and drive these as break-neck speeds on the roads of London. The club had a strict uniform and are said to have adopted the Four in Hand Knot, making this a fashion statement of this time.

How to tie your found in hand knot

Four-in-Hand-Knot-1 1. Start with the narrow end of your tie resting at waist level, or if you are quite tall adjust this to be a little above the waist. Cross the wide end of your tie across the front of the narrow end. Four-in-Hand-Knot-2 2. Take the wide end of your tie behind the narrow end. Four-in-Hand-Knot-3 3. Now bring the wide end of your tie back across the front of your tie. Four-in-Hand-Knot-4 4. Bring the wide end of your tie up between your collar and your tie and then down through the loop already created. 5. Using both hands carefully tighten the knot, drawing the knot up towards your collar making any small adjustments. Mens-Plain-Wool-Tie-Banner Of course tartan ties will always be our favourite, but if you are wearing a tweed suit, picking out an accent colour from your tweed check can be a great option for a plain coloured tie.
What is your favourite tie knot? Share your top tips with us!