Our How to Tie your Tartan Tie blog post series aims to give you useful hints and tips to show your tartan tie off to it's full potential! This week we discuss The Pratt Knot, the perfect knot to create the all important tie dimple.

The Pratt Knot

The Pratt knot is a medium sized knot, somewhere between the size of the Four in hand knot and the Windsor knot . Due to it's size this is quite a versatile knot and will work well with most dress shirts. The Pratt knot is a great knot for perfecting the tie dimple, a style statement and the final detail to top off any outfit. This finishing touch conveys that you are someone who really cares about the details. 8oz Wool Tartan Tie

Pratt or Shelby?

The Pratt knot was originally invented by Jerry Pratt, a former employee of the US Commerce Department. Mr Pratt wore this knot for over 30 years before visiting Don Shelby, a news anchor from Minneapolis in 1986. After filming the news article Mr Pratt insisted on retieing Shelby's Tie. In a later interview with Mr Magazine, Shelby recalled:
He attacked me and attacked my tie! He untied my tie when I’m standing there and then he re-tied it and said ‘now doesn’t that look better?'
[caption id="attachment_5440" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Pratt-and-Shelby-Tie Jerry Pratt Fixing Don Shelby's Tie[/caption] Shelby then began to wear this knot and articles were written referring to the Shelby Knot, so for many this name was adopted. The knot's popularity rose dramatically at this time becoming a bit of a fashion statement.

How to tie your Pratt Knot

Pratt-Knot-1 1. Start with your tie facing inside out, the wide end needs to be around 12 inches below the the narrow end. Take the wide end of your tie and cross this under the narrow end of your tie. Pratt-Knot-2 2. Bring the wide end of your tie up to the center and loop this over the narrow end of your tie and then back down to your left. The wide end of your tie will now be facing inside out once more, pull on this loop slightly to tighten. Pratt-Knot-3 3. Take the wide end of your tie across the front of the narrow end to the right. Pratt-Knot-4 4. Now bring the wide end of your tie up towards your face, between your collar and your tie, then taking the wide end of the tie down through the loop you have already created. Tighten and adjust your knot as required. Tartan Shirt Dress up our newly launched Men's Tartan shirt (made to order in no less than 500 tartans) with a textured or chunky plain knit tie for a great weekday look. Watch out for the gorgeous Cashmere Tie coming very soon for a real touch of Scottish luxury. And for some extra styling tips follow our Tartan Invaded Trends blog series.
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