When I hear the words "Sofa Blanket" I have a little laugh thinking of The Slanket, the sofa fashion which swept living rooms in 2014. For those unaffected by this trend the Slanket is a fleece blanket complete with sleeves and a roll neck for snuggling on the sofa. Somehow it feels we have gone too far in the search for comfort! I am now anticipating a deluge of emails and photos of readers in their favourite Slankets and am happy to be persuaded that we need to craft a tartan version. Slanket Anyway we digress, this article was intended to conjure images of romantic couples snuggled up under their family tartan on 14th February and discover some of the best blankets out there. My favourite romantic gesture was a bride-to-be last year who bought a Fleece Back Tartan Throw as a surprise gift for the groom, in his family tartan and embroidered with the date of their wedding. So thoughtful and our customer said it was so they could snuggle under it together on their honeymoon. Awww love is in the air!

So to our Top 5:

1. Cashmere Tartan Blanket - very expensive yes but quite simply the most luxuriously soft and warm blanket you can have. Your Valentine will never refuse to snuggle under this one. Our favourite has to be the soft brown tones of the Kennedy Weathered tartan.Cashmere throws 2. Quilted Tartan Throw - this one is maybe less of a snuggle up blanket as it is a bit heavier, but we love the fact that you can have your tartan on one side and his on the other. Or if you really love him 2 versions of his family tartan in one blanket - combine ancient and modern, hunting and dress or call us for some advice on which will work best together. If you love your home more than him then just choose you favourite colours. We have over 500 options!Tartan Reversible Throw 3. Fleece Back Tartan Throw - I don't like having to put the word "Fleece" into this product name as it somehow cheapens what is a really lovely, lightweight and very warm blanket perfect for sofas and beds and custom made in your chosen tartan. Can you tell I have one over my knees right now? Aberdeen tartan backed with navy fleece just because I love the pinky red shades.Fleece Back Tartan Throw 4. Brushed Wool Tartan Blanket - the supersoft, brushed finish puts that crusty, rough lambswool blanket your granny has to shame and the lighter weight does not make it any less warm. Over 45 tartans in stock along with our favourite bright checks which are more modern designs and contain some really beautiful spring colours.Isle of Skye tartan blanket 5. Reversible Lambswool Tartan and Tweed Blanket - for those who prefer a check or tweed to a tartan you can choose your favourite tones from camel, rusty reds, mossy greens and burnt oranges and with the extra thickness of the double sided weave you will never be cold again.Reversible Tweed Blanket

So cancel the order for the Slanket and treat your Valentine to something special this year!