Those lovely bath bombs always cause me a lot of grief as I try to wrap them up in a stylish way. Bumpy bits, creases in the wrong places and a generally rather messy finish can spoil a thoughtful gift so today we learn how to wrap awkward shapes so you can hand over your presents with pride.

You will need: A few layers of festive coloured tissue paper (we have chosen red since it's Christmas and it shows off the Wallace tartan tie very nicely), scissors, ribbon and a little bell or bauble to top it off.

  1. Lay out a few layers of tissue paper and fold over to create a triangle, trimming off the edges to create a square
  2. Fold your triangle in half, in half again, in half again and again until you have a shape a bit like a folded up fan
  3. Trim across the widest part to create a rounded shape
  4. Open out your tissue paper and look at the lovely wavy edged circle you have created
  5. Cut your ribbon to length for a bow and thread on your bauble
  6. Lay your gift in the centre, or in this case roll up the tartan tie so no-one can guess what on earth is in this special parcel
  7. Pull the tissue paper in, nipping it with your fingers and tweaking the top out to show off the scalloped edge
  8. Knot the ribbon tightly to hold the tissue in place and tie a simple bow
  9. Trim the ends of the ribbon for a perfectly balanced bow and tweak out your tissue paper so it is nice and full
Your awkward shape now looks elegant and perfect to present to that special person. You can use different coloured layers of tissue paper to add effect and we have all sorts of tartans available in our polyester ribbons to add that Scottish touch. If you want a particular clan tartan, order a pack of our wool tartan ribbon and use it to wrap up the whole family's gifts.