There are many reasons for gift wrapping with fabric, environmental reasons such as saving the trees and the fact that the recipient can then make something out of their wrapping paper, upcycling at it's very best. And of course the opportunity to make the gift super personal by using a piece of the special person's family tartan, or a district tartan that brings back memories of a special trip to Scotland, Edinburgh or Isle of Skye are favourites.

Our gift wrap specialist, Jane Means, visited us in the shop to share a few top tips for creating amazing gifts to put under the tree this Christmas.

What you need:

Your gift (we have used a Brushed Wool Tartan Scarf, one of our top selling gifts), a piece of fabric large enough to wrap your gift, scissors, some ribbon (plain is always nice to contrast with your tartan, or use a different tartan to the one you are wrapping with for extra effect), and a rose brooch for the finishing touches. We do of course sell the rose brooches but last year we also created a guide on the blog to show you how to make your own simple versions.

  1. Spread out your fabric and lay your gift on it, fold in the 2 longest sides, tucking the edges under as you go so no fraying ends are on show.
  2. Lay your ribbon across the centre of the parcel and fold the remaining 2 sides in, using the ribbon to knot them together, securing your wrapping (the video shows this beautifully if you are confused!)

  3. Make a nice bow, then pin your rose brooch in the centre of your bow for the ultimate finishing touch and another little part of the gift (we can make you a brooch to match the scarf wrapped up inside). If brooches aren't your thing tie a sprig of holly into the bow to add a festive touch.

Watch the video for a step-by-step guide:

Et voilà, your beautifully wrapped gift in tartan fabric, a little different, eco-friendly, Scottish and very personal. What more could you ask for this Christmas? Next up is the Pleated Fold, a very sophisticated wrapping technique you will not want to miss, so keep your eyes peeled for the next blog.