When we ran our Gift Wrap evening in the Edinburgh shop the Pleated Fold was everyone's favourite technique to learn. Now you too can master this professional wrap in the comfort of your own home.

What you will need: Your special gift (we are using our boxed set of tartan cufflinks in the Wallace tartan, think Braveheart and all things patriotic), nice thick gift wrap (choose one that creases easily and you will find the finish is much better), double sided tape, scissors, some tartan ribbon for the final flourish and a sprig of berries, holly or whatever you can find in the garden or your Christmas drawer.

Step 1: Take your wrapping paper, lay face down and start creasing. The first fold should be half the size of the following folds.

2. Fold 3 times, then turn the paper over so the colour or pattern is facing you and fold those folds in half again. Watch the video, it is not as complex as it sounds!

3. Turn your paper back over again and secure your folds with a strip of double sided tape down the centre

4. Lay your gift in the centre and wrap as normal

5. Note the creasing at the ends (and Jane Mean's lovely neat fingernails), this gives you the crisp, professional finish I never achieve as I am always in too much of a hurry.

6. Use double sided tape to secure the ends of the parcel so you have no unsightly sellotape on show.

7. Tie with a ribbon, knot your bow, tuck in your sprig of berries and tie the bow over the top to secure these in place. You obviously don't have to add in the berries but you have to admit they do make it look extra special and the recipient will then be inspired to use them for something else. Lovely tucked into napkins on Christmas day!

Now you know how to wrap the Pleated Fold what will we move onto next. Round gifts coming up next, who knew they could be wrapped so perfectly? We look forward to sharing and don't forget to share your creations on our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages or just email them in as we would love to see the finished articles and any personal touches you have added.