It's set to be very a bright summer in the fashion world this year, think primary colours, clashed with fuchsia pink and orange. The bolder the better. Here at ScotlandShop we thought this trend would go amazingly well with tartan, so I have compiled a few rules on how to mix tartan with your favourite block colours (without looking like a mismatched colour wheel).

Clash of the Titans

colour block tartan

Topshop Tartan Mini Skirt, similar to Harris Lilac

pink tartan pinafore

Topshop Tartan Pinafore, similar to Sunart Pink

tartan skort similar to macleod of lewis modern

Zara Tartan Mini Skirt, similar to MacLeod of Lewis Modern

This summer the high street will be a sea of block colours, a full proof way to make sure you don't drown is by clashing your bright colours with even brighter tartan garments. My recommendation would be to choose colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel, pair a blue tartan like Ailsa Royal Blue with bright orange. Colour clashing is not your only option, you could even pair different patterns with your tartan to create an eye catching look. Stripes or spots would make a great start.

Coordinating Queen

waistcoat and trouser suit

Tartan Trousers and matching Waistcoat in MacDonald Lord of the Isles Hunting Ancient

purple tartan skirt suit

Topshop Tartan Jacket and Skirt Set, a good replica for the tartan would be Harris Lilac.

blue tartan skirt suit

Urban Outfitters Tartan Jacket and Skirt Set, Clark Ancient is very similar

red tartan skirt suit

Topshop Tartan Jacket and Skirt Set, very similar to the Tweedside tartan

Of course a bold way to include the trend into your style would be to go for a full blown tartan suit, I would recommend going for a mini kilt instead of trousers since its summer (maybe a bit optimistic for here in Scotland). When choosing your tartan it is essential to go for one of the brighter options, maybe Fyvie Magenta, Hamilton Red or Cape Breton. Tie the look together with a vest top, t-shirt or shirt in a block colour, a good rule of thumb would be to choose a colour that is featured in the tartan.

Tartan suit not for you?

tartan trousers paired with yellow camisole

Topshop Yellow Tartan Trousers, MacLeod Dress Modern is a good replica

tartan plus fours in ailsa pink

ScotlandShop Tartan Plus Fours in Ailsa Pink

bright green tartan skirt

Zara Green Tartan Mini Skirt, Cape Breton is very similar

pink tartan kilt

Pink Tartan Mini Kilt, Ailsa Pink is a similar tartan

Strip back the co-ordinated set and choose just one tartan garment to be the feature of your outfit, an option for someone who wants to stand out but isn't brave enough to wear such a powerful suit. Once you choose what garment in your outfit is to be tartan, pair this with a colour that is featured in the tartan whether this is the main colour or the minor colour.

Accessories Heaven

yellow tartan cap

A yellow tartan cap, Ailsa Gold would be a good alternative

aberdeen tartan baker boy hat

Tartan Cap and Woven Scarf in Aberdeen Tartan

chattan clan tartan kitten heels

Tartan kitten heels in Chattan Clan

If incorporating tartan into your clothing is not really your style then why not opt for the more subtle approach of adding tartan accessories to your block colour outfit. You can either match the tartan in your accessories to the colours of your outfit or alternatively you could choose a tartan with contrasting colours. I would definitely choose either a pair of classic heels or a summer hat in tartan to wear alongside the trend.

Hopefully that's given you a few clues on how you can work the bright and bold colours this summer, I've already started mixing some orange and yellow into my wardrobe. Whatever tartan route you want to go down with this trend we can accommodate your needs here at ScotlandShop, we have skirts, jackets, shoes, bags and so much more. Visit our Edinburgh store for inspiration or get in touch as we'd love to kit you out with some bold tartan for the summer.