So just how many uses can you find for tartan ribbon? Well quite a few it would appear and we ended up with such an enormous list we had to cut it down to a Top Ten. Send us your thoughts and pictures and we can add them in!

1. Make a pretty flower to top off a parcel

Not content with just tying a bow we created a little flower by cutting petal shapes out of the ribbon. Learn how on our Tartan Inspired Giftwrap series.

2. Use ribbon in your family tartan or combine 2 tartans for a traditional handfasting mariage ceremony

"Handfasting entails gently wrapping or tying a length of cord or ribbon around the bride and grooms hands symbolically binding them together as a display of their unity". Take yourself back to the 17th Century and get married in traditional Celtic fashion using strips of wool ribbon or one of our specially made handfasting ribbons.

3. Decorate a cake

We constantly have cake makers on the phone looking for specific tartans to decorate cakes for birthdays, weddings and special occasions and wow do they do some amazing things. I am sure some of these bakers should be on the Great British Bake Off! We now stock wired ribbon in the Stewart Royal tartan if you need to make a more structured bow.

4. Make a flower decoration or corsage

The wool ribbon works best for making these beautiful little flowers. All you need it a needle and thread, a button and some fine wire to make the stem. Full instructions on our blog.

5. Wedding car dreams

It doesn't need to be a Rolls Royce to deliver you to the church on time. Use tartan ribbon to make your own car look a bit special for your big day. The groom wears Pride of Scotland Platinum tartan. Very handy that his car matched so well!

6. Personalise a simple garland or wreath with their own tartan

Don't you just love a Christmas wreath and tartan is always a big part of that Christmas feeling. What a lovely gift if you arrive on a loved ones doorstep with one of these in your hands. Tie a great big tartan bow into your wreath and use a matching piece to hang it and create a warm welcome.

7. Make a sash for a little girl

We can make the wool ribbon up to 100mm wide and in over 500 tartans so as long as you can tie a bow nicely and trim the ends into a perfect vee then this is a very easy way to make a simple white dress look very special. If you want the bow ready tied we can of course do this for you too!

8. Create a theme for a Scottish wedding or event

Invites, napkins, flowers, table decorations....choose your tartan and co-ordinate your colours to create a spectacular look.

9. Top off a parcel with a beautiful bow

Packaging can make a parcel look so very special and you can use snippets of different ribbons, scraps of fabric and lace and old buttons to beautiful effect.

10. Tartan Buttonholes

Narrow 10mm wide ribbon is perfect for buttonholes and the Scottish Thistle seems to co-ordinate perfectly with any colour combination.