Petal flower, corsage, decoration? So many uses for the gorgeous petal flower. We have made ours in tartan but you can use plain, spotty, stripey, flowery or any design and they always look so lovely. And best of all they are so simple! For this eye catching project we are using two widths of polyester tartan ribbon, scissors, a glue gun and a lit candle. Tartan flower making
  1. Cut petal shapes out of the wider ribbon. Our 38mm wide tartan ribbon works best. Cut approximately 20 petals. Making tartan flowers
  2. Gently burn the edges of the petal with the candle. You will find the edges slightly curve in to give the petal effect. Watch your fingers! Tartan petals
  3. Stick the petals together using a glue gun. You can use a glue stick or other glue but a glue gun does make it a lot easier! Making tartan petals
  4. How to make tartan flowers
  5. Your tartan flower is now complete and doesn't it look gorgeous! Cut a small length of the narrow ribbon and stick the rose into the centre with the glue gun. We have used a 10mm wide ribbon for this but if you don't have a narrow tartan ribbon you can use a contrasting or co-ordinating plain colour ribbon or even some nice twine. Tartan ribbon flower
  6. You will then tie a long length of the narrow ribbon round the box and finish with a bow. Tartan flower giftwrap
  7. Then tie the flower into the bow and trim the ends at an angle. Details, details a nicely trimmed ribbon finishes your creation off to perfection! Wrapping gifts with tartan
  8. For an additional affect why not heighten the senses by adding some room fragrance to the flower Adding tartan flowers to wrappingThese are very effective little flowers and there are endless ways to use them. The nice thing is that the recipient will probably keep your special creation and use it to decorate something else. Imagine all the napkins at the table tied with ribbon and topped with a flower, a petal flower tied to each spindle on the banister, or nestled in greenery to create a special table decoration. You can use all one tartan or mix and match your tartans with plain colours, or for extra effect make each individual flower with a mix of plain coloured and tartan petals. Use up your scraps of ribbon and your imagination and we would love to see what you come up with! Order your tartan ribbon here.