Ahead of our trip to the Your Wedding Exhibition in Aberdeen this weekend, we thought we would take a look at the biggest wedding trends for 2019. This will either give you some inspiration for planning your own wedding or give you an idea of what you can expect to see when attending as a guest at this fabulous show.

Coral Colours

When Pantone release their colour of the year, this usually decides the colour schemes for weddings for the rest of the year. This year the colour has been announced as 'Living Coral' setting a tone of bright and colourful weddings for 2019. At ScotlandShop we get so excited when the Pantone colour is released as we are able to pick out the tartans that include the new colour. See below for our tartan picks for 2019. Wedding experts also predict that people are moving away from the tradition of one colour scheme and are now adapting a range of complimentary colours instead.

Backyard Weddings

Backyard wedding inspiration
Backyard wedding

Be prepared to be one at nature when attending weddings this year, as one of the biggest trends brides and grooms are expected to adapt in 2019 is holding backyard weddings. This gives a more natural and relaxed feel, without the limitations and traditions of a structured space or inside venue. The perfect way to give your backyard wedding a Scottish twist is to decorate the chairs and the altar with tartan. We found these old chairs in a house sale, looking lost and lonely, painted them up to pick out the yellow stripe in our theme of Gordon tartan, and covered the seats with the help of a staple gun in all the different variations of the tartan. Looks pretty good doesn't it and we had a lot of fun doing it!

Scottish Tartan Wedding Inspiration
Gordon tartan themed backyard wedding

Grooms in the Spotlight

This year there is a lot of focus on the grooms and the groomsmen attire, more so than ever before. The biggest trend is without a doubt a three piece suit, it is sophisticated, smart and really makes a statement alongside the bride in her beautiful gown. And what is better than a three piece suit, well of course a tartan three piece suit! The trend also concentrates on bright colours, as well as patterned suits, both of which line up perfectly with a striking tartan suit.

Tartan 3 Piece Suit Wedding Inspiration
Black Watch Weathered 3 Piece Suit

Simple Wedding Dresses

Megan Markle Givenchy Wedding Dress
Megan Markle's simple wedding dress designed by Clare Waight Keller

After the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now known as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, back in May there has been a huge rise in plain and simple wedding dresses, with brides electing for wedding gowns that lack any sort of over complicated design or embellishment. Dresses of this simple nature give a much more elegant and sophisticated look. However, if you fancy adding something a little extra to this type of dress why not add a tartan bow belt or sash, or wind some tartan ribbon around the waist? A classic Scottish addition for any bride to adapt.

Tartan Wedding Dress Inspiration
Black Watch Bow Belt
If you are attending the Aberdeen Wedding Exhibition this weekend be sure to come and visit our Tartan filled stand at location H8, we are even showcasing some of our products on the catwalk show, a definite must see of the weekend. There is still some tickets available on the website and tickets are available on the door.