Haggis Hunt

Let's be honest for a moment here, the two boys in our videos haven't been the most successful hunters, in fact, they have been fairly inept thus far. I don't wish to be mean about two young lads but, as the films are rather old, I'm sure they are well into their fifties by now meaning I feel free to say what I want so, in that spirit I want to say, if the first hunter/gatherers had been as inept as these two, the human race would have become extinct through starvation about two weeks after coming into existence. On reflection, perhaps this is unnecessarily unkind, the two boys clearly share a strong bond of friendship, strong enough to allow them to persevere through even the toughest of circumstances.

A Lesson Learned

Persevere the boys undoubtedly do. In this video, the two boys decide that the direct tactics they have employed up to this point have got them nowhere, and like the hunter/gatherers of old, they adapt to survive. This video sees the two boys choose to stalk their prey, allow it to get used to their presence and then make their attack. Before we get into spoiler territory, I will put a sock in it and let you watch the video.


The boys have learned that ancient lesson, namely that when you fail to respect nature, nature will show you its power. Whether it be the sea, the weather or a wild animal, nature in all its forms has huge power, a power that you would do well to respect, as our ancestors learned to do. I often find myself reflecting on the thought that what has allowed human beings to advance to the point of being the dominant species on the planet is our ability to learn from others. With that being said, learn from the boys' mistakes and respect the Lowland Haggis.

Show your respect for nature by sharing this video with as many people as you can, hurry, the continued advancement of the human race depends on it!