More tartan gift wrap ideas from our day with guru Jane Means. For this project we are tying in small remnants of fabric to decorate a gift box. You will need a strip of fabric long enough to go around the box as well as some additional remnants of the same fabric and other ribbons and trimmings. Anything you can find in our sewing or scrap box! How to gift wrap with tartan
  1. Fray all edges of the fabric. Our 10oz wool fabric is the best fabric for these as it frays easily but won't fall apart. Heavier fabrics will work but are woven a bit tighter and are more difficult to fray. We sell bags of scraps and offcuts if you want a whole selection of little pieces of tartan to play with. Fringing tartan fabric
  2. Cut the additional trimmings into random strips. We used tartan ribbon and bits of lace but you can use absolutely anything and this is your chance to be really creative with your colour and texture combinations. Creating tartan gift wrap
  3. Cut a small piece of wire and bring the strip around the box with the two ends overlapping and secure with wire. Tartan gift wrap
  4. Start gathering the remnants large size first at varying angles. Tartan for fabulous presents
  5. Tie these remnants into the box using a narrow ribbon then cut away any excess ribbon Tartan presents
  6. Finally thread the wire through the button and secure. You can use any old button you find lying around or go for something really funky to finish off your creation. Tartan trimmingsAnd ta da there you have it! One beautifully wrapped box. Use a bit of tartan the couple wore on their wedding day, or something regional (Aberdeen, Loch Lomond, Bell of the Borders, Glasgow, Edinburgh and many more) as a reminder of a special occasion or holiday. You don't need much tartan for this gift wrap and a chopped up swatch would be enough. We don't even charge post and packing on tartan fabric samples! Tartan wrapped presents Send us your photos of your gift wrap creations or post them on instagram. We would love to see your variations on Jane's purple and Troon tartan example.