Now be honest, for some of us the pleat strikes horror in our hearts. We have visions of tartan pleats making our rear ends look the back end of a bus. But don’t you worry plaid pleats can be pleasing if we choose the right style for our body shape. As part of ScotlandShop’s season of the pleat and a celebration of the release of our new Skirlt here are our top tips on choosing your pleat.

For the Goddess of Thighs and Hips

Choose narrow knife, cartridge, accordion pleats. These will lengthen your body and flatter your shape without bulking them up. A-line skirts look great as they flare over the hips. Avoid wider pleats and kilts - with wider panels comes wider butts. Go for something longer in length as shorter styles will draw attention to your upper legs. Curvy Queen in Pleats

For the Curvy Queen Bothered by the Belly

Choose high waisted and longer lengths. A-line skirts work best as these again lengthen your body and draw attention away from your tummy. Pleats will flow over your mid-section, give structure and camouflage your belly as well as emphasize your legs. Avoid short lengths as this will draw attention and widen your mid-section. A-Line Pleats

For the Bustier Beauty

Choose something that sits just below the waist as this balances out the chest. Wide pleats can also help to add balance to your shape. Avoid high waisted as this will emphasise the chest. Buy hey, if you’ve got it flaunt it.

For the Square in Shape but Not in Nature

Choose something with a defined waist. Flared with wide pleats and wide panels. This will emphasise your hips and thighs. A mini kilt will look fantastic on you – I’m so jealous. Avoid box pleat as this can emphasise a squarish figure.

For the Hourglass Princess

Choose A-line as this will emphasise you narrow waist. Any pleat size will look good as they will flow over your curves. Avoid the mini kilt as this will draw attention to your thighs. Flaired Pleats No longer will you fear the pleat with this new found pleat picking information!
Are you a pleat fashionista or do you have any pleat portraits? We’d love to hear your style tips.