I have to admit, I am starting to feel the winter blues creeping in. The days in Scotland have become intolerably short and the air has a definite chill about it, something I found acutely noticeable on Friday and Saturday standing out on the freezing moors filming a series of short videos for ScotlandShop.com (stay tuned for more news on these soon.)
It’s about this time of year that I find myself longing for white sand beaches and Caribbean seas. Having grown up in Australia, I have always been attracted by the idea of surfing, although I have only tried it once or twice with very little success. I have often been heard telling my friends that I’d like to take up surfing in a more serious way but, unfortunately, I live in Scotland and therefore it is out of the picture, you’d have to be crazy to surf in Scotland, surely?

A Scottish Surfer

Well, I am delighted to say, I have been lucky enough to have spoken to someone just that crazy. Scott Mitchell or Scottish Surfer as he is better known on the world wide web, is a surfer who first came to our attention here at ScotlandShop.com when we were asked to supply the tartan for his surfboard. We were happy to supply the Mitchell Modern tartan needed for the project but, there was a problem; the resins used on the surfboard destroyed the fabric. Luckily our tech guru, Emily, was able to create a digital file of the tartan which Scott has used on his board as well as his van, it just goes to show, there is nothing ScotlandShop can't do when it comes to tartan.
Scott has been a soldier for 15 years, and it was in the army that he first gave surfing a try, he was hooked instantly. This was about three years ago and since then Scott has gone on to become a qualified surf coach, working for the army surf team and the Newquay Surf School as well. With the inclusion of surfing as an Olympic sport, Scott would like to compete for his country one day. Although the Olympics are a few years off yet, Scott is heading down under to compete against the Australian Army surf team next year.
Originally coming from Ayrshire, Scott admits that growing up in Scotland, surfing is not the most obvious sport to take an interest in but that since getting into the sport, he has realised how great some of Scotland’s beaches are for surfing. He told me about a trip he and some friends had recently taken to the Outer Hebrides where he encountered the largest waves of his surfing career (swells in excess of 13 feet) and although it was a little daunting he had a great day’s surfing. Scott told me how the white sand beaches and clear blue seas almost fooled him into thinking he was in the Caribbean – until the cold Scottish wind brought him back to reality.
If, like Scott, you long to be at one with the ocean and take in some of the spectacular views the Scottish coast has to offer, here are some great places to check out:

Scottish Surfing Locations

Isle of Lewis

dalmore-isle-of-lewis If you want clean waters and white sand beaches, this could be the place for you. Dalmore is particularly popular with surfers of all levels but in poor weather conditions it is probably one for the more experienced surfer.

Pease Bay, Scottish Borders pease-bay

This would be an ideal day trip for those of you based in the central belt. Pease bay is about forty minutes drive from Edinburgh and offers a nice beach break which is suitable for most levels as well as a reef for more experienced surfers.

Thurso East

Thurso_East Although situated at the very north of the Scottish mainland, Thurso East is considered to be one of the best surfing spots not only in the UK but in Europe as a whole.
Wherever you choose to surf in Scotland you are likely to have a great time, just remember to wrap up warm afterwards.