Children's Kilt Sizing Guide

How to measure for your children's tartan kilt

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We will require the age and gender of the child along with the following measurements from you. Sizes should be given in centimeters or inches. We add a generous hem and elastic to the waistband of our children's kilts to help them to last longer.

Childrens Kilt Sizing Guide


Please measure around the waist at the navel, with one finger inside the tape to give room for a shirt.


Please measure around the largest part of the hips/buttocks.  


Please measure from the navel to mid-knee (or for girl's kilts, to the desired length). 


**There is a surcharge on all children's kilts over 24 inch waist or 18 inches in length. Kilts over waist size 28 inches or longer than length 20 inches need to be ordered as a Men's Casual Kilt.

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