So you're heading to the rugby, but not sure what to wear? Don't worry, with an office full of rugby fans we have pulled together our top suggestions to keep you cheering all day long.Tartan_Scottish_Rugby_Fan

The key components for your perfect rugby outfit are: Warmth, Comfort and Patriotism. If you've ever been to Murrayfield you'll know it's not a warm place to be. Scotland isn't exactly a tropical climate but really, even for Scotland Murrayfield is cold so make sure you wrap up warm.

If you want to experience the rugby atmosphere to it's fullest then make the journey to the Stadium on foot, otherwise you'll be missing out on piping, singing and maybe even some dancing. For this reason a pair comfy boots or trainers are a must.


If you are lucky enough to be headed to Rome this year as Scotland take on Italy at the Stadio Olimpico in round 5 then you are in for a treat. Former Scotland Captain and rugby legend Rob Wainwright has organised "The March of 1000 Headbands!" a 2.5 mile walk to the Stadium from Piazza del Popolo which will be the final event in the Doddie Gump, a campaign raising funds for the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation.
Doddie Gump Show your support to the fullest! At the 6 Nations you may encounter some Welsh Daffodils, English Knights and Irish Leprechauns so you need to make sure everyone knows Scotland are your team, what better way to do this than by wearing Tartan!

Top Tartan Tops

A Scotland Rugby Top is the obvious choice to show your support but if you are looking for something more formal a shirt in your tartan of choice is perfect. A gilet is the ultimate outer layer. Fantastic with jeans or a skirt and tights, it will instantly add warmth and style to your outfit.


  1. Women's Tartan Gilet In Black Watch Modern
  2. Scotland Rugby M17 Home Pro Shirt Body Fit
  3. Men's Tartan Shirt In Black Watch Modern

Skirts, Kilts & Trews

Kilts are undoubtedly the most popular item of Scottish rugby attire so why mix it up with our Tartan Insert Pleat Kilt. On first appearance this kilt is plain coloured with only a flash of tartan fringing, but once your jumping out of your seat to cheer the team on your tartan pleating of choice will be shown. Not keen on the old kilt? Then trews are for you. Ladies there are plenty options for you too, the flattering bias cut mini skirt is perfect teamed up with some thick tights and ankle boots. Tartan_Rugby_Kilt_&_Trews
  1. Men's Tartan Insert Pleat Kilt In Scotland Forever
  2. Men's Tartan Trousers - Slim Cut In Patriot Modern
  3. Tartan Mini Skirt In Isle Of Skye

Hats Off

Did your Mum always say you lose half your heat from your head? Well you know Mum's are always right so try to keep your hat on in between the cheers. Bobble Hat, Trapper hat or Tammie you decide how best to keep the heat in. Tartan_Rugby_Hat
  1. Tartan Trapper Hat In MacGregor Modern
  2. Scotland Rugby M17 Pom Pom Beanie
  3. Doddie'5 Tartan Tam

Wrap Up

Our luxurious tartan and faux scarf is as cosy as you can get and is a simple but elegant accessory. Make sure you are #BackingBlue as part of your rugby outfit with our tuck stitch cashmere scarf which is also fantastic at keeping in the heat. Doddie'5 tartan launched last a few weeks ago during the Calcutta Cup, a weekend we won't forget in a hurry! Tammie Hats and Ties are available now and Doddie'5 scarves are being woven as we speak. Pre order now for delivery in April. Tartan_Rugby_Scarves


Murrayfield may have recently introduced a small bag policy but don't despair, sporrans are still allowed. The Tartan Sporran in Scotland Forever is the perfect match for our insert pleated kilt. Our stunning Machair brooch will show off your love for the Flower of Scotland perfectly with a beautiful wreath of thistles. Finally, Make sure you have your hip flask to help celebrate in true Scottish Style. Tartan_Rugby_Accessories
  1. Tartan Sporran In Scotland Forever
  2. Machair Scottish Brooch In Purple
  3. Hip Flask Set In Pride Of Scotland Modern
Well there you have it, you're all set with the perfect tartan rugby outfit for game day! Let's hope the boys are too as we take on Ireland in round 4 of the 2018 six nations championship.