There are many guides on how to wear your Kilt, what accessories to wear and so on, but it really is a matter of choice how, where and when you wear yours. Even if that is to clean your windows!

The Kilt outfit is a popular 18th or 21st Birthday present for young men here in Scotland as after all it is our national dress. I had not considered the Kilt to be so versatile, until I met my husband and he would wear it casually to a Scotland rugby match with thick socks and boots and the home team rugby shirt of course and then wear it to a wedding the following weekend with all the trimmings. Alas no more as it is quite some time since he was 21 and the Kilt appears to have shrunk in size or rather he has expanded beyond its limitations should we say! [caption id="attachment_274" align="alignleft" width="424"]Richie Gray & Thom Evans at Dressed to Kilt Fashion Show Richie Gray & Thom Evans[/caption] The Kilt is the trademark of Scottish fashion and who could forget that photo of Scotland International rugby players Thom Evans and Ritchie Gray in their Kilts at the Dressed to Kilt Fashion Show in New York as featured in our Blog a few years back. Proof that the Kilt can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. What a shame Scotland were knocked out of the Rugby World Cup as surely every Scot would have donned their kilt for the semi-final. I had never considered the Kilt as something you would wear to work until we received an order via a company called Men in Kilts in America. The name of the company instantly attracted my attention, but I assumed, quite wrongly as it turned out, that this was a Kilt shop!
Men in Kilts is in fact a window cleaning company, where men clean your windows wearing kilts!
I could not imagine my window cleaner Johnny wearing a Kilt to clean my windows, although saying that he does go running in his! He is a trail runner, pictured here in his Kilt competing in one of his crazy runs that go on for hours if not days albeit through some amazing countryside. Kilt runningMen clad in Kilts cleaning your windows is an obvious hit and has franchises across the States and Canada. Their catchphrase is “no peeking”, which requires no explanation! But they also do other manual jobs such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing, snow removal even in their Kilts! Their promise is to bring smiles to the world one kilt at a time. Men in kilts window cleaning The company was the brainchild of Nicholas Brand, described on their site as son of a Scottish immigrant, who basically wanted to get noticed and what better way than to wear a Kilt. The whole concept behind the company’s name and its uniform is to attract attention as well as providing excellent service; a man wearing a Kilt cleaning your windows is definitely a talking point and an experience not to be forgotten ,so it’s no surprise that his company has been so successful! Kilt clad window cleaners However you wear you Kilt, it is a garment which is worn with pride by those who take pride in what they do and have pride in their ancestry and heritage, and one thing is guaranteed, you are definitely going to make a lasting impression. Find your perfect kilt here.